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Datalogic Mobile  announces its new Falcon™  X3. This top of the line PDT, available in hand-held and pistol grip versions,  offers exciting new features that tackle even the toughest applications found  in today’s supply chain. The new Falcon™ X3 provides real time data capture and  communication, assuring accurate inventories and maximizing productivity.  Available with either laser scanner or 2D imager, the Falcon™ X3 can be  configured to match the needs of any department. Both laser and imager come  with Datalogic patented Green Spot good read feedback assuring accuracy.

Packaged  with Windows CE or Windows Mobile 6.5, the Falcon™ X3 integrates seamlessly  with WMS and ERP management systems. Plus, the Falcon™ X3’s Summit Wi-Fi 802.11  a/b/g radio provides maximized coverage, thanks to a unique diversity antenna  system. “Our new Falcon™ X3 also delivers incredible  performance with Power³ architecture. Power³ leverages a  dual processor architecture and proprietary features that make the new Falcon™  X3 a clear winner. Datalogic Mobile is known for blending performance and  ergonomics – features our users want and the new Falcon™ X3 delivers,” comments  Bill Parnell, CEO of Datalogic Mobile.  Attention to ergonomics is seen throughout the Falcon™  X3. The pistol grip version offers an arched handle and ergonomic trigger,  making high frequency scanning operations comfortable throughout the day. The  numeric and alphanumeric keyboards are set up placing high use keys at  the operator’s fingertips, with a universal numeric  phone key layout.

The crisp QVGA display and backlit keyboard make it easy to  work in dark indoor or extremely bright outdoor environments. The Falcon™ X3 is  built rugged, resisting numerous drops from 1.8 m (6 feet), while IP64 level  sealing protects the unit from dust and liquids.  Datalogic Mobile’s software and service tools complete  the new Falcon™ X3 with preloaded and pre-licensed Wavelink®  Avalanche™ and Terminal Emulation. This makes the mobile computer  ready to go out of the box for rapid deployment and centralized management.  Other software tools included are the Datalogic Desktop, Configuration, and  Firmware Utilities to customize and update device configuration.


  • hand-held and pistol grip versions
  • available with either laser scanner or 2D imager
  • provides real time data capture and  communication
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