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An addition to the XG series of gun-shaped, rugged mobile computers, the XG200 features industry-leading design, delivers superior barcode scanning technology, and enables peak performance in the most demanding work environments.


The computer is optimized to meet the unique requirements of warehouses, distribution centers, loading docks, and other environments where rugged, gun-shaped mobile computers are deployed. With its industry-leading design, super-fast processing speed and superior barcode scanning technology, the XG200 can increase mobile worker productivity by more than 25%.


With its patented design, the 6300mAh battery is located inside the handle, delivering a device that is incomparably light and balanced in the hand, while also allowing users to quickly hot-swap a battery to eliminate downtime.The XG200 delivers best-in-class scan speed, ultra-fast motion tolerance and excellent reading capability for poorly printed barcodes.


The XG200-ER model is one of only a few devices available with Honeywell’s industry-leading EX25 near/far imager. With breakthrough auto-focus technology and barcode reading range that is 30% greater than competitive scanners, it offers unparalleled flexibility to read virtually any kind of 1D and 2D barcode, omni-directionally, from 6 in. - +50 ft.



  • Offering a brilliant 4.3-inch touch screen and powered by the Android 7 operating system, the XG200 provides users with a familiar interface and enterprise-grade features like improved security, increased control over business data and more productivity tools.
  • Built to survive 5-ft drops to concrete across a wide temperature range and is sealed to IP65 standard for protection against dust and jetting water. It also meets MIL-STD-810G standard for surviving repeated vibrations, humidity, extreme temperatures and high altitudes.
  • A standard 2-year warranty provides customers with both peace of mind and the level of service they require, at no additional cost, with optional Comprehensive Service plans available to those that want to further extend their mobile computing investment.
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