Mobile Flow Rack


Creform Corporation has introduced a new flow rack design that has ergonomic flexibility and functionality as well as pleasing aesthetics.  The flow rack’s presentation levels guarantee FIFO product presentation in the ergonomic “strike zone” and are easily adjusted to associates’ varying heights.  Creform drop-in low-friction roller tracks are well suited for cardboard boxes or totes with soft bottoms or open cell designs.  Each supply lane features slide pipe presentation positions at the picking side of the rack tipping the box or tote to a steeper angle for enhanced viewing and picking.  The bent pipe side frame serves two purposes.  First, it offers pleasing aesthetics while reducing the required number of metal joints to assemble the flowrack.
    The flow rack as shown has a 750 lb capacity with a 42″ X 78″ footprint.  Six, 4″ diameter urethane casters (two locking) provide easy, stable and safe movement for repositioning.  Creform aluminum roller tracks are available in 6″, 9″, 12″ and 15″widths with roller spacing at 1″, 2″ or 3″ centers and lengths up to 12´. Creform’s drop-in roller tracks are mounted using unique Creform installation brackets. Because it is built using the Creform System of pipe and joints, the flow rack can be easily modified or customized using just a few simple tools. 
    Higher capacities can be achieved using a modified design or Creform high-strength 42mm pipe and joints.  A wide selection of pipe colors allows color coding by department or function.  ESD (anti-static) pipe and joints are available for static sensitive assembly situations.  The flow racks are available assembled or in kit form plus, Creform offers a pipe bending service. Creform catalogs a wide variety of accessories to customize flow racks including label holders for identification of product.


  • easily adjusted to associates’ varying heights
  • drop-in low-friction roller tracks
  • pleasing aesthetics
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