Mobile Hydraulic Crane


Economical Sky-Riser hydraulic crane offers a variety of unique, versatile features designed to raise productivity and profits.


The crane is equipped with large foam-filled pneumatic tires for outdoor use on rough gravel.  All the features of the large crane can be folded into a smaller package for strategic deployment and fast transport to any location.


The crane can be easily disassembled by removing the two legs with tires, the boom is removed and the adjustable stabilizers are caster equipped so the crane mast with the base is mobile even in its disassembled condition.


The vertically telescopic mast provides higher reach over obstacles and lowers for easy passage through the doorway and loading on a truck for transport.  The adjustment is from 88 up to 126-in. mast height.


The power mast rotation is equipped with telescopic outriggers and the rotation is limited to 45-deg left and 45-deg right.  All the powered features are hydraulically operated action and include the boom lift, telescopic boom, vertical mast lift and the mast rotation.


The power source available is 110 volt AC single-phase, 240-480 3-phase, battery powered, gasoline, diesel engine, and propane operated.  For hazardous locations, spark proof air power is also available.


Controls are mast-mounted manual spool valves or push button remote pendant to help the user be where they need for precise positioning of the load or parts.


Take your pick: Options available are powered cable lift, telescopic outriggers, walkie or rider style self-propelled drive, operational safety amber light, and custom goose-neck attachment can be made to suit the user's needs.


The Sky-Riser will help to speed up maintenance work on aircraft or construction applications with all new versatility in assembly work to increase productivity and mobility at a lower cost.  It is an ideal tool where portability and higher lifts are required.



  • Vertical telescopic mast action
  • Powered boom rotation
  • Telescopic boom
  • 12-ft longer goose-neck attachment for higher lift and further reach
  • Adjustable straddle for narrow passage thru doorways/aisles
  • Tow bar steering with 90-deg swing to left and right for sharp turns and precise positioning
  • Lifting (boom retracted):
  • Up to 4,000 lb.
  • Up to 20 ft high


Lifting (boom telescoped out)

  • Up to 1,000 lb.
  • Up to 30 ft high


Lifting (goose-neck attachment)

  • Up to 500 lb
  • Up to 40 ft high
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