Mobile Robot Auto-Deploys for 100% Utilization


By combining an omni-directional motion platform, a 7-axis LBR iiwa (intelligent industrial work assistant), and the Sunrise controller to regulate the sensors and functions, this mobile robot can perform a task in one workstation and drive over to another when it's done.

The cart can haul 400 kg and moves omni-directionally and achieves position accuarcy of ±1 mm. LBR has a payload of 14 kg, with a 7 kg version arriving later.

A “teach by instruction” feature allows the user to guide the robots actions, which records them and can repeat. More in-depth training can take longer because of complex but beneficial programming involving gravity compensation to account external forces while carrying a payload, along with variable arm and Cartesian stiffness.


  • integrated laser scanner monitors the work environment, while the integrated control software for navigation and motion enables reliable and flexible work sequences.
  • omnidirectional wheel technology, the KMR iiwa moves safely to the desired position. Even in confined spaces, it achieves positioning accuracy of up to ±1 mm


  • weight: 400 kg
  • capacity: 400 kg

LBR 14 R820

  • reach: 820 mm
  • weight: 29.9 kg
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