Mobile Tool Carts


Creform Corporation has developed a new design for mobile tool carts built with the Creform System of pipe & joints making them flexible, easy to customize and optimize.  Unlike rolling toolboxes that often contain more tools than required, these carts can meet the needs of individual or multiple departments for sharing and/or transporting tools within manufacturing or assembly plants while also providing a temporary work surface or place for production supplies.  The carts can also be task specific for subassembly installation or machine tool setups.

Because the tool carts are built with Creform, they have myriad design, size and configuration possibilities beyond their basic concept.  The Cart shown, built using Creform 42mm grey pipe with nickel plated joints is 48" W x 28" D x 72" H with a 500 lb capacity.  However, other cart designs are available ranging in 300 to 1000 lb capacities, all promoting efficiency and excellent visual tool inventory management.            

The carts feature a metal pegboard vertical backdrop that uses pins, pegs and hooks for flexible tool storage and positioning plus other frequently used items.  Many Creform standard accessories are available such as plastic joints used for holding various odd shaped tools.  Angled joints such as the HJ-13 and a small piece of pipe make use of the space on the vertical support pipe for things as simple as a towel holder or other frequently used tools keeping them within reach.  Both 42/28mm and 28mm joints positioned vertically with a short piece of pipe make an accessible tool holder.             The 1/2" thick plastic horizontal upper surface can be a work surface, used for supply storage or holding extra tools or tool gun holders with a nearby power supply.  A  drawer located below the work surface uses a foam shadowboard for tool holding, positioning, quick access and accountability.  Creform flat pipe is integrated on one side for hanging clip on bins.               

A 1/2" plastic height adjustable shelf is located on the bottom of the cart and recessed to keep items from falling off from vibration caused by transport with additional shelves easily added.  Any of the shelves including the top surface can have holes cut for items such as tool collets, cups or odd shaped tools.  The carts have good mobility thanks to four large diameter, 4" rubber wheel casters, two swivel and two locking that perform well on rugged floor conditions.            

Creform offers hundreds of accessories including a wide selection of casters types and styles plus a wide variety of pipe colors for easy department or function identification.


  • easy to customize and optimize
  • myriad design, size and configuration possibilities
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