Model 120AV Pump


Tri-Rotor’s Model 120AV pump, nicknamed "the grease pump," is designed specifically for handling viscous and semi-solid pumpages up to +3,000,000 ssu / 650,000 cps. It has a flow rate of 90 GPM@600 RPM and is ideal for handling liquids such as silicone sealant, ink paste, plastic, NLGI No. 2 grease and more. Belonging to the Series 120 family of pumps, the 120AV has a 4” full-throated, flanged top suction port and 3” flanged side discharge port. The Model 120AV is engineered with Tri-Rotor’s V-Head to provide automatic variable control of volume or pressure, multi-viscosity capability, remote and/or computer feedback governing, all at a constant pump shaft RPM. 

Pump flow rates for the V-head pumps are controlled by a Vernier Flow Control micrometer assembly, allowing precise settings of discharge rates or a Pressure Regulator Control that enables the operator to adjust the pressure manually using a hand wheel. The Series 120 pumps are also available with a Solid Head for simple transfer service, or an X-Head (Bypass Head) incorporating an integral relief valve for system protection.


  • 4” full-throated, flanged top suction port
  • 3” flanged side discharge port
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