Model 220 Label Printer Applicator


The Model 220 Label Printer Applicator is the newest addition to ID Technology's range of high quality labeling equipment. Designed for low throughput and light-duty applications, the Model 220 is an economical solution for companies just beginning to automate their production and packaging lines. The Model 220 utilizes the Lt408 from Sato. The Lt408 prints text, graphics and barcodes at 203dpi up to 6 inches per second. A large LCD display with icon-driven user interface allows easy set-up and operation. Printhead change is made quick and easy with the One-Touch printhead release. The base applicator is built with the same convenient “hot-swap” modules as the industry leading Model 250 Label Printer Applicator. ID Technology provides a factory upgrade from a Model 220 to Model 250 when production grows and a full featured, high speed printer applicator is needed.
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