Model 2290 Series MEMS DC Calibration Reference Accelerometers


The Model 2290 Series is a family of high-precision, single axis MEMS DC calibration reference accelerometers. Offered in four unique full-scale acceleration ranges of ±5 g, ±10 g, ±25 g, and ±50 g, the series offers a precise, reliable, and accurate means of determining the sensitivity and frequency response characteristics of unknown MEMS DC accelerometers during end-to-end calibrations and related performance verifications. Within these applications, the Model 2290 serves as the "Reference Standard," either for performance specification comparisons or as an actual substitute for the working accelerometer. Beyond such verifications, the series also supports a variety of zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications ranging from 2000 Hz to DC, including both center of gravity acceleration measurements and equipment calibrations.


The rugged design of the Model 2290 Series incorporates a high-precision, non-ITAR controlled, tactical-grade MEMS inertial sense element (U.S. Export Classification ECCN 7A994). The MEMS DC accelerometer chip and other internal components are housed together within an epoxy sealed, anodized aluminum case with a 10-foot integral cable. The cable further terminates into 4-wire pigtails for seamless compatibility with most industry data acquisition systems. An initial calibration certificate is supplied with each accelerometer. Units are both REACH and RoHS compliant.


The Model 2290 Series is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients. Onboard voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference eliminate the need for precision power supplies. The anodized aluminum case is easily mounted via screws, adhesive or a mounting magnet. As the reference accelerometer is non-ferrous, its performance remains otherwise unaffected by magnetic mounting techniques.


Acceleration ranges

  • ± 5 g
  • ± 10 g
  • ± 25 g
  • ± 50 g
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