Model 26C Vibratory Feeder with Unique Hi-Vi Magnetic Drive Circuit Provides Stability, Control and Accuracy


Eriez’ revolutionary Model 26C Vibratory Feeder, a rugged AC-operated unit, enables linear, exact feeding of large quantities of bulk materials. Eriez electromagnetic feeders offer a cost effective, sanitary alternative to screw feeders. Model 26C is designed for feeding up to four tons (3.6 MT) per hour and features a totally enclosed, dust and moisture resistant patented electromagnetic drive, which extends coil life and makes cleaning easier.  Plus, the simple AC controls operate the feeder with “watch–like” precision.


This innovative feeder features a Hi-Vi Magnetic Drive Circuit, powered by alternately opposing and attracting magnetic forces, which assures low maintenance. There are no sliding or rotating parts, power consumption is low and installation is easy.


Old–style electromagnetic vibratory equipment operates with an inefficient attract-release system: a spring–mounted moving mass is alternately attracted by a rectified pulsating DC electromagnet and returned to its original position solely by the springs.


The Eriez® Hi–Vi system, on the other hand, incorporates a lifetime permanent magnet (part of a spring–mounted moving mass) whose poles are intermeshed with those of an electromagnet powered directly by an AC line. This results in the spring–mounted moving mass being both attracted and repelled by the AC electromagnet equally on each half of the AC cycle.



• Power Supply: 115V, 50-60 Cycle, Single Phase • Full Load Power Consumption: 18 Watts • Full Load Power Input: 1.1 Amp at 115V • Control: Model FT • Net feeder Weight: 42 lb. (19 kg)
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