Model CP-21A band sawing machines


DoALL Sawing Products introduces Model CP-21A, the first in a new line of high production dual-column band sawing machines. Other new sawing machine introductions will include Model SM-16D dual swivel scissor-type saw, Model 2613-V3 26-inch vertical contour saw and Model 2012-D12 diamond saw for cutting friable materials. Model CP-21A has a 2-inch blade for greater beam strength and a powerful 10-horsepower AC inverter band drive system with variable speeds from 40 to 360 FPM for efficiently cutting a wide range of materials up to 21-inch diameter round or square. It incorporates a user-friendly NC control with 12-inch color touch screen, and features a split front vise with dual-range vise clamping to allow higher clamp forces for larger work pieces, a floating-style index assembly with incremental index capability, and a unique head design that is tilted back 30º to minimize band twist and reduce band fatigue. Other features include a quick start feature that minimizes set up time by allowing automatic setting of band speed and feed rates based on material type, a 36” high chip auger discharge chute that permits the use of a 55 gallon drum for efficient chip collection, and easy access to coolant and hydraulic systems for reduced maintenance costs. Model SM-16D features a 2-piece cast iron saw head that can swivel 60º right and left for miter cutting and can cut 16 inches wide by 9 inches tall at 90º. It has a 3-hp band drive motor with VFD band speed control from 60 to 400 fpm, and a convenient touch screen control console with buttons that allow the operator to electronically control feed rate and head lift and lower. Model 2613-V3 offers a 26-inch band-to-column throat depth with 13-inch maximum work height. It has a 3-hp variable frequency AC drive with a dual-range transmission offering band speeds of 30 to 320 and 550 to 5,500 fpm. It can accommodate saw bands from 1/16 to 1-inch width. Model 2012-D12 is a vertical saw designed to use grit-edged bands for cutting friable materials. It features a 20-inch throat with 12-inch maximum workheight, ballscrew-driven electric table with 12-inch stroke, and a 5-hp AC drive with band speeds from 550 to 5,500 fpm.
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