Model H6A-NC Double Column Mitering Bandsaw Designed for Full Automatic Production Operation


Kalamazoo Machine Tool Model H6A-NC double column mitering bandsaw is a fully automatic machine designed for the production of structural, solid and difficult materials. The heavy construction, quality components, and advanced design yield vibration free sawing and extremely long blade life at high production rates. The machine is fully programmable to enable serial cutting of various lengths, sizes, blade speeds and quantities, and store the jobs for ease of future setup.

The machine columns and base are single extremely heavy mono weldment construction, with linear guideways having lube fittings for easy maintenance. The material feeder is controlled by a variable speed inverter drive motor that turns a roller ball screw and ball nut with a large number of recirculating ball bearings. This produces a very low friction coefficient and stabilization in both up/down and left/right directions. The material feeder vise and saw vise are designed to yield the smallest possible remnant end, keeping leftover waste to an absolute minimum.

The H6A-NC saw has a 1-1/4 x 17’ 5” blade operating at 60 -360 FPM. Material work height is 32-1/4”, with a vise opening of 23-1/2“. Capacities are 20” at 90 Degrees, 17-1/2” at 45 Degrees, and 9-1/2” at 60 Degrees.

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