Modified Impregnation Coating


Blue Dichtol is a modified impregnation coating for new (and newly repaired) castings. It is compatible with all ferrous and nonferrous materials, and composites. This capillary sealer impregnates micro-pores and hairline cracks without vacuum or pressure, forming a protective barrier to gases and liquids. It can be applied to raw metal, or to castings that have been coated with plasma, arc spray or HVOF coatings.



  • exceptional capillary action
  • penetrates to 0.004 in.
  • restores pressure tightness
  • enhances surface and varnish properties
  • can be applied on-site
  • cured coating pressure-resistant to 8,700 psi & heat-resistant to 932°
  • also dampens vibration
  • applies by immersion, brush, or spray
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