Modular Cab Telehandler


The Roto50.35 S Plus features a newly engineered tilt cab with integrated controls, a 96-ft. reach, a maximum capacity of 10,900 lb., 360-deg. rotating turret, and a new, innovative safety system.


The modular cab increases the operator view with a curved glass windshield. The cab tilts up 20-deg., expanding the operator’s view when the boom is fully extended. For improve operator comfort, the interior is 10% larger.


An operator controls the machine functions with the interactive electronic capacitive joystick, mounted onto the multifunctional armrest. Turret rotation is now controlled by a miniature mouse located on the joystick. The armrest has two sensors automatically detecting the presence of the operator’s hand, preventing erroneous or accidental joystick movements. Functional controls, such as the stabilizer placement and machine suspension, are integrated into the armrest as well.


The chassis design offers increased structural strength and weight with optimal distribution for better balance allowing for continuous high levels of performance within its compact size. The R50.35 S-Plus exterior received upgrades also. Strategically placed handles make for easier accessibility, plus a second ladder on the engine side is positioned to improve cab accessibility even when the turret is rotated to 180-deg.


Merlo engineers consolidated the MCSS and MerLIN safety systems into the single Advanced Safety System (ASCS). The ACSC system collects and analyzes different machine parameters -- load position, boom extension angles, turret rotation, stabilizer position, load weight -- in real time to create the load diagram.  This data translates into a visual representation on the new LCD. Plus, the ASCS automatically recognizes, and incorporates, attachment information into the data.


The R50.35 S-Plus offers a 170-hp engine. Acceleration, from 0 to 25 mph, happens without torque interruption or pausing for gear change. The electronically controlled EcoPowerDrive (EDP) hydrostatic transmission reduces fuel consumption without losing performance. A CVTronic transmission is optional.

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