Modular Control Room


Constructed to meet specific laboratory needs, the pre-engineered ModuLab is a modular workspace that can achieve strict environmental control by incorporating HEPA filtration to regulate air quality ranging from Class 1,000 to 100,000. Modulab can be used in conjunction with dust collectors to control room dust levels, as well as maintain precise temperature control with optional modified cooling systems for lower temperature requirements. Humidity can be regulated with desiccant systems available for lower humidity requirements. The ModuLab features chemical resistant modular construction and is flexible and durable. A variety of options include a wide selection of doors, lighting, plumbing, electrical, and lab furniture systems that can be factory installed.


  • Pre-engineered modular construction for fast delivery. On time, On budget
  • Adaptable to existing lab space or expansion into warehouse space
  • Can be easily assembled, moved, modified and re-erected as needs change
  • Insulated wall system features chemical resistant and easily cleanable surface skin panels
  • Optional furniture layouts, fume hoods, controlled supply and exhaust air systems
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