Modular Conveyor


“It’s not just quiet, it’s almost silent,” says Chuck McGregor, Director of Product Sales, NCC Automated Systems. “Customers have found Tray Express saving them money and valuable floor space too.” After exploring Tray Express, customers are also seeing reduced power consumption and overall ease of system complexity. An obvious issue is always noise. Chuck continues, “At this stage of the game we are seeing two types of customers, one the customer needs to automate. They need to bring conveyors to and from machinery, basically connecting the entire process and upgrading. This saves time, money and also allows for more lenses to pass through the system to allow for additional batches. Secondly, labs that have automated over the last seven to ten years have gone with a flexible chain style of conveyor. However many of those conveyors are used to accumulate the pallets at stops and the belt continues to run. The pallet to plastic belt contact causes a loud noise that at times can simply be unbearable.” The Tray Express System relieves this noise by using a smooth belt conveyor at the accumulation points and flexible chain at the curves. Most systems can be retrofitted with the pallet style of conveyor and keep the same chain conveyor depending on the age of the conveyor. Many times those conveyors removed can be used in other parts of the facility so as to not waste any conveyors at all.  Tray Express is pre-engineered and pre-assembled which reduces complexity with easy installation and support. This offers a plug & play system for quick production startup. The system also offers an intelligent routing concept where the job trays are automatically routed to the next available process station, processed job trays are then discharged from the loop on a separate track.

Tray Express Features:

  • Auto-stacker and destacker
  • Quiet Tray Transfers
  • Lift and Transfer Unit
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation
  • AC Voltage Options Available 110-460-VAC
  • New 24VDC Drive Option
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