Modular Fume Extraction Hood and Statiflex® Filter Banks


Lincoln Electric has introduced a new modular extraction hood and filter bank system, designed for the removal of welding fume and grinding particulate during welding, cutting, arc gouging, grinding, plasma cutting and finishing operations in manufacturing plants, job shops and training environments. These units may be adapted to most applications, including robotic welding, hard automation welding, semi-automatic and manual welding. The system’s modularity makes it easy for users to assemble, with the option to hang the hood in place from the ceiling or deploy as a free standing unit with the support of optional leg mounting kits. The sleek and lightweight design of the system makes it easy to mount and set up, and it’s available in a variety of sizes to fit your work station footprint. The Modular Extraction Hood features semi-transparent welding strips (non-transparent curtain strips are also available), which keep the area contained to prevent cross drafts and control airflow direction to maximize extraction effectiveness. The hood’s unique double panel roof configuration acts as an in-line baffle, deflection plate and spark arrestor to prevent sparks from entering the duct work. Lincoln perimeter pull technology maximizes fume extraction efficiency at lower airflow rates for reduced energy consumption and equipment costs while enhancing overall safety performance. Fabricators may choose one of eight Statiflex® Filter Bank units to complete the fume control and filtration system. The low vacuum-type Filter Bank filtration station can be purchased in sizes ranging from 2 banks through 32 banks, depending on the customer’s application. The unit features an internal airflow system that disperses incoming air evenly throughout the filter bank and a self-cleaning design using air pulse amplifier technology to clean filters, making the Statiflex Filter Bank the ideal solution for welding fume extraction. The Statiflex Filter Bank delivers a host of features to optimize convenience and function, including a dust hopper collector at the base of the unit for easy dust removal, as well as MERV 16 rated filters, one of the highest rated self-cleaning filters available. The self-cleaning control utilizes pressure drop technology to activate the cleaning cycle. The filter bank and fan motors are available in sizes ranging from 1.5 HP to 10 HP and are selected based on airflow requirements and pressure losses across system.


• Modular Extraction Hood: • Recommended Extraction Capacity: 290 - 474 CFM per square meter of hood; (27 - 44 CFM per square foot of hood) • Recommended Air Velocity in Connected Duct: 2,000 feet/minute (FPM) • Pressure Loss Over Hood: max 250 Pa • Statiflex® Filter Bank: • Filter Bank: 2, 4, 6, or 8 Cartridges • Filter Type: MERV 16 rated filters • Fan Sizes: 1-1/2 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP, 7-1/2 HP, and 10 HP
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