Modular Outdoor Cabinet Enclosure


Optima EPS, a leading designer and manufacturer of cabinet enclosures for electronic systems, has announced a new platform for outdoor enclosures that is highly versatile.The Optima outdoor enclosure line features a modular extrusion-based platform. This allows a wide range of cabinet enclosure height, depths, and widths to be used.  Standard sizes range includes 19”, 23”, 24” widths; 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” depths; and 12U-44U heights. Custom sizes can be quickly developed with Optima’s modular construction, saving the customer time, effort, and money. Many outdoor applications require weatherproofing. The flat extrusion design of Optima’s outdoor enclosures facilitates gasketing. For NEMA 4 designs, a specialized gasketing for waterproofing and dust/particle protection is employed.  It uses an EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene) gasket material that is resistant to UV, Ozone, weathering, seawater, compression set and abrasion. It has a temperature range of -40 to 120 Deg C and is fully tested to UL 508.Gasketing for EMC can also be employed with dynamic mechanical properties that yield a high deflection range and eliminate compression set. For more extreme environments, Optima can incorporate a heavy-duty aluminum frame with integrated gasketing, corner castings, multi-point locking system, and windstops. The rack can also be ruggedized for shock & vibration. Thicker gauge aluminum, reinforced aluminum and steel, cross bracing, welding, reinforced corner sockets, etc, can be used for extra protection.
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