Moeller Answers Trend Toward Dc Control With New Feature-Rich Contactor Line


Recognizing an increasing trend toward DC control circuits, Moeller Electric has introduced an all-new line of contactors with a compact design and unique features. Low-voltage DC control power is gaining greater acceptance for its versatility, reduced shock hazard, and compatibility with both digital and analog devices. Moeller’s new DIL M contactors offer smart features that help take advantage of DC’s flexibility, while also offering excellent performance in AC control applications. Conventional contactors designed for DC control can be up to 30% larger than their AC counterparts. Moeller solved this problem by designing its line so that AC and DC contactors of equal amperage share the same proportions. Four compact frame sizes, ranging from 7 to 150A, comprise Moeller’s new offering. The reduced size means smaller DC panels than ever before. It also means one panel can now be designed for either AC or DC control, without having to plan for a larger DC contactor. In addition to sharing the same frame size as AC contactors, DC units of 17A and above also feature electronic drives that dramatically reduce pick-up and sealing consumption. These drives produce several benefits:

• less heat is generated, eliminating the need for a fan

• smaller control transformers are required

• DIL M contactors to 32A can be directly actuated from PLCs, eliminating the need for a coupling relay

These benefits lower costs by consuming less power, eliminating additional components, and permitting higher packing density in the panel. DC units to 150A also carry a built-in high-speed suppressor circuit, eliminating the need for purchasing and installing a separate external suppressor. Again, lower total cost and smaller panel space result. For additional safety and convenience, Moeller’s DIL M DC contactors feature an expanded voltage tolerance, beyond that specified by IEC/En 60947. This accommodates a range of -30% to +20% for DIL M contactors 17A and above. It is one of the largest voltage tolerance ranges of any control manufacturer. Coil terminals are located on the front of the new contactors to simplify wiring. Both two and four-pole auxiliary contacts snap on without tools. In addition, devices up to 32A include built-in auxiliary contacts for increased economy with no additional space requirement. Auxiliary contact blocks for new DIL M contactors are available with positively driven contacts for added safety in control circuit schemes. Positively driven auxiliary contacts ensure that, throughout the life of the contactor, N.O. & N.C. auxiliary contacts will never be closed simultaneously. Moeller’s DIL M contactor line packs all the control needed into a smart, compact design. The full range is UL/CSA listed to 600V, and IEC approved to 1000V, certifying them for use anywhere in the world. Their compliance with IEC standards ensures the most accurate match to motor sizes, meaning customers never buy more control than they need. The DIL M contactor series features dual power terminals on units up to 400A. The clamping chambers are cleverly designed to apply sufficient holding pressure to cables of varying sizes. Conventional designs are often limited by the size of the largest cable in the chamber. The line also features ingenious mechanical interlocks (rocker and ball style) that allow fast and easy assembly of contactor combinations without requiring additional space. Many contactors can be interlocked both horizontally and vertically. Several ranges within the DIL M series share common auxiliary contacts and other components. This lowers inventories even when accommodating a complete range of control solutions. Voltage indicators, reversing kits, and many other optional accessories are also available. All DIL M series contactors provide isolation and protection from direct hand contact. Even the largest contactors accept terminal shields.
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