MoldWiz® INT-35CPD: Non-fogging Additive Improves Scratch and Mar Resistance in Automotive Grade TPO


Axel Plastics Research Laboratories announces the commercialization of MoldWiz®, INT-35CPD, a new additive designed to improve the scratch and mar performance in automotive grade TPO resins. The new additive has been documented to reduce scratching at addition levels as low as 1-2%. At this addition rate, no scratching was evident at 10 newtons of force, and significantly less depth of scratching occurred at forces up to 20 newtons, thereby reducing light scattering and improving the visual appearance. ASTM D7027-05, also validated the improvement in scratch reduction attained by addition of INT-35CPD. This test method demonstrated improvement values consistent with those observed in the Ford Five Finger tests.

AXEL’s new additive was also evaluated for effect on modulus, peak stress and thermal properties. In all cases, the INT-35CPD was shown to have no impact on these values. SAE fog testing (SAE J1756) was also conducted on test plaques that contained the new additive. In this study, the test plaque containing a 1% loading of INT-35CPD yielded a reflectance value of 98.5% - this exceeds the automotive industry requirement.

While unrelated to its primary functionality, MoldWiz INT-35CPD can also reduce resin viscosity in extrusion and to reduce ejection force (up to 3%) in injection molding.  
SEM (scanning electron microscopy) studies of TPO resin both with, and without the addition of INT-35CPD, have also been conducted.  These indicate a better dispersion of  PP, rubber, and filler matrix in the resin that contained the new MoldWiz additive. INT –35CPD is a proprietary synergistic blend of modified polymers and organic fatty amides. The additive is available as a 100% active pellet, or as a free-flowing powder. Axel recommends the new additive for use in TPO, PP and other polyolefins.

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