Monitor All i-ALERT2 Machines with Ai Platform


The i-ALERT Ai platform allows the capability to monitor and manage all i-ALERT2-connected equipment, analyze data, and report on machine health. This all takes place on a simple web interface which requires no software to download or dedicated hardware. View trend data, machine notes, technical data, and vibration spectrum data collected via the i-ALERT2 app. 


Manage the data collection through the i-ALERT2 app by setting a designated route(s) and the app will automatically guide a user to which assets and what type of data to collect. A report will generate once the route has been completed and will be e-mailed to the user. 




More information on the i-ALERT2 app:



  • Asset Intelligence: Monitor the equipment health of any rotating machine such as pumps, motors, fans, mixers, gear boxes and more. It tracks 3-axis vibration, temperature, kurtosis and machine run-time. It logs data at every hour or on an alarm event.
  • Easy to Use: With the free mobile app and simple interface, it puts machine monitoring in the hands of the everyday user.
  • Save Time: The app will quickly scan multiple machines at once and cover more equipment with fewer resources, freeing time for analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Stay Safe:S A Bluetooth Smart wireless connection allows monitoring from a safe distance.
  • Early Detection: Unplanned machine failures can be avoided with the early detection feature of the i-ALERT monitoring solution. Customers can now view real-time and historical data, diagnostic information and machine records. This provides them with the data necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Solve Problems: Advanced vibration diagnostic tools are available to anyone who can use a smartphone or tablet. With the Ai platform, customers will be able to monitor i-ALERT2 enabled machines anywhere they have an internet connection.
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