Monitor & Control Pump Applications


LIQUITRON 7000 Series controller provides multi-parameter monitoring & control for metering pumps used in boiler feed, cooling tower, industrial, and municipal water treatment applications.


LIQUITRON 7000 Series controllers combine the application functionality of existing LMI controllers, such as the DC4000, DC4500, DR5000, and DP5000. Designed to work seamlessly with a new line of probes and accessories, alongside LMI and Milton Roy pumps, the Liquitron 7000 Series remains backwards compatible– facilitating drop-in upgrades for most existing applications.


The series features a 7-in. (17.8 cm) full-color touchscreen and an intuitive user interface offering seamless setup and operation in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, and French.) The Setup Wizard simplifies installation with step-by-step configurations for common applications, making it easy to establish sensor parameters and pump set points. It also makes it easy to remotely control pump flow rates as process conditions change.


The LIQUITRON 7500 Model is equipped with an embedded 4G/LTE cellular modem for connection to the LMI Connect, Smart Monitoring Services. This software and wireless connectivity bring remote monitoring & control for controllers, with notifications, alerts and reports to any mobile device.


  • Multiparameter controller provides conductivity, pH, and ORP control
  • Available with (optional) cloud based LMI Connect, Smart Monitoring Service Technology provides process analytics and mobile access
  • Durable NEMA 3R housing and clear cover provide a protective enclosure for challenging environments
  • Easy to install, configure, monitor, and maintain
  • Accurate and reliable performance ensure consistent result
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