Monitor Delivers Added Safety for Machining


PROMOS 3+ system from PROMETEC offers even more process safety for machining processes. As a monitoring system, it ensures that the right tool is in place and that the process is completed within defined parameters.


It will stop the machine if the tool is missing, breaks, or collides with the workpiece. If the work veers from predefined parameters, this is corrected by the system. In addition, PROMOS 3+ provides warning of impending tool wear or breakage.


System is in continuous communication with the machine. It gets its signals either directly from the machine’s digital drive data or from sensors that monitor parameters such as force, structure-borne noise, or active power against limit values.


PROMOS 3+ monitoring system’s advantages include:

  • improved process safety
  • longer tool life
  • assured component quality
  • less tool breakage is likely to occur, along with less damage in the event of a collision
  • machine shops will also find that downtime is minimized, while the potential for unmanned machining increases
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