For wind turbines, Baumer offers a full line of sensors that reliably provide critical speed, position and presence data, monitoring conditions in the nacelle, blade, tower and foundation. Designed to perform without interruption for decades, Baumer’s highly robust sensors monitor cooling systems, tower and foundation strain, disc brake conditions, air gap tolerances, rotor blade stress, and liquid level and leakage.

For both on and offshore applications, Baumer’s newest product innovations include wear-free, high speed magnetic sensors; IP68K and IP69K-rated inductive sensors; and liquid level and leakage sensors:

 Designed to detect moving ferromagnetic objects such as toothed wheels, gears or racks, Baumer’s wear-free Magnetic Hall Sensors contain no moving parts and can effectively replace incremental encoders for detecting rotational speed or direction in the turbine’s gearbox.  These high-resolution sensors offer a maximum switching frequency of 20 kHz and perform up to five times (5x) faster than inductive sensors and feature IP68-rated housings that withstand shock, vibration and contaminants such as dust and oil.  These sensors withstand temperatures from -40 to +120°C, and are designed with an M12 full metal jacket made of stainless steel to protect the sensor’s electronics from aggressive environments.

 The FODK 23 Optical Sensor for Leak Monitoring features a chemically-resistant, IP67-rated housing made of Teflon PFA that allows the device to withstand exposure to a range of liquids including acids, alkalis, salt spray and other non-conductive fluids. Designed to eliminate the problems associated with fluid leakage, this sensor reacts on detection of as little as 1 ml of leaked liquid.  The FODK 23 is screwed or glued onto a dry floor or base panel in the area where leakage might occur.

 Baumer’s Inductive Sensors are available in digital or analog output, and cable or quick-disconnect formats.  Offering extended temperature ratings of -40 to 80°C, Offshore Inductive Sensors feature IP67/68-rated, V4A/316L steel housings.  Onshore Inductive Sensors feature IP67-rated housings made out of nickel-plated brass with an extended temperature rating of -40 to 80°C.  The sensing distance for these Inductive Sensors ranges from 6 to 12 mm.  A variety of housing sizes are available from M12 to M18.

 For extremely harsh areas exposed to caustic liquids, Baumer’s DuroProx Inductive Sensor family features IP69K full metal housings made of V4A/316L stainless steel that withstand extreme contamination and high EMI.  All Baumer inductive sensors are designed to monitor brake pads, rotor speed and position, and provide sensing distance ranges from 2 to 12 mm.  Available in a variety of housing sizes from 6.5 mm to M18 models, the sensors are designed with an ASIC to reduce the number of components and solder points required and maximize reliability.
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