Motion control modules


ACS Motion Control, an international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers, machine control systems and integrated control modules, has developed a family of motion control modules that provide a complete, high-performance, all digital motion control solution. All SPiiPlus HP Series products are designed to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated and demanding applications including semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, electronic assembly and testing, medical imaging and digital printing equipment. The SPiiPlus HP Series includes PC-based, stand-alone or rack mounted multi-axis controllers that support direct-connected servo or stepper motors and HSSI-networked servo drives. The series also features multi-axis controllers with up to eight integrated digital drives that can support direct-connected servo-motors, direct-connected stepper drives, and HSSI-networked servo drives. "SPiiPlus HP products provide the best price/benefit ratio for advanced multi-axis applications and include many unique features not available in other technologies," said Evan Reed, ACS Motion Control Vice President. "The advanced technology can be found in a wide variety of applications with requirements that range from simplistic to sophisticated machines in the fields of automation and robotics." The SPiiPlus HP Series offers a 20kHz update rate for all controlled loops, providing a wide bandwidth while delivering exceptional dynamic tracking, fast and smooth settling at low and high velocities, and sub-nanometer position interpolation of sin-cos encoder feedback. In addition, flexible and easy to adjust PIV control algorithms and filters can be customized to address special needs. Moreover, with the frequency response function (FRF) analysis and filter design tool, users can quantify system bandwidth and stability by calculating and presenting the phase and gain margins. The SpiiPlus HP Series enables up to ten programs to run simultaneously with multiple interactions and synchronized processes. The SPiiPlus HP Series features a powerful software environment that includes an extensive tool suite to shorten machine development cycles and time-to-market deployment. Optimized for motion control applications, ACS' software tools provide easy setup, tuning and programming and application simulation. The software enables the implementation of highly complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing. The PLC Open compliant control software is designed to support IEC61131-3 programming and allows users to program using any of the five languages in addition to ACSPL+. The software provides fully variable mapping that enables flexible bi-directional interfacing, mutual synchronization, and functionality exchange between ACSPL+ and IEC 61131-3 programs. The addition of full CANOpen support allows SPiiPlus motion controllers to be configured as a CANOpen Master, according to the DS-402 specification, and control up to 64 nodes of motion or I/O. The free motion simulator can be downloaded at
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