Motoman® MPP3 Robot


The delta-style Motoman® MPP3 robot provides superior performance for high-speed packaging, cartoning and kitting applications.  Its high-speed operation – up to 150 cycles per minute – yields extraordinary production results.
The MPP3 robot features a three-arm configuration with a direct-driven rotary axis to simplify design and increase reliability.  With a minimum installation area and the smallest footprint in its class, the MPP3 robot is ideal for high-density installations, while providing a large working envelope.

“The release of the MPP3 robot rounds out our comprehensive product offering in the packaging market,” stated Dean Elkins, Sr. General Sales Manager, Motoman Robotics.  “Our customers benefit from highly reliable manipulators and a common programming language in picking, packaging and palletizing applications,” he added.

The MPP3 robot is IP65-rated and features a 3 kg payload capability; a deep work envelope up to 500 mm; and a repeatability of ±0.1 mm (±0.004”).  It is available with optional vision and conveyor tracking.

The MPP3 uses the new FS100 controller, the smallest controller in its class at just 19” wide.  It features a high-speed open architecture design that allows software and system flexibility.  The FS100 supports C, C#, INFORM III and other high-level programming environments.


  • high-speed operation
  • three-arm configuration
  • direct-driven rotary axis
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