Motoman MPP3s Low-Profile Robot


The delta-style, low-profile Motoman MPP3S “short” robot provides superior performance for high-speed packaging, cartoning, and kitting applications. Its high-speed operation—up to 150 cycles per minute with a full payload, and 40 ms acquisition and release timing—yields great production results.


The MPP3S robot features a three-arm, 4-axis configuration with a direct-driven rotary axis to simplify its design and increase reliability. With a small, less than 700 mm diameter installation area, this robot is ideal for high-density installations. The MPP3S features a 3 kg payload and an 800 mm diameter horizontal reach with a z-stroke of up to 300 mm, making it suitable for primary packaging, assembly, inspection, and other applications. 


An IP67 protection rating, anti-corrosive paint, and food-grade lubricant are standard with the MPP3S, allowing it to be used in the food and beverage and life sciences industries. With its compact footprint, the MPP3S is specifically designed for high-speed applications and is compatible with the FS100 controller. The FS100 features an open architecture design that allows software and system flexibility. It can be programmed with INFORM and offers connectivity to a wide range of devices and programming methodologies.

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