Motor Control Stations


O-Z/Gedney is offering a new line of factory-sealed, explosion-proof and dust-ignition proof Control Stations and Pilot Lights.  Primarily used for remote control of motors in industrial areas where flammable gases are present, O-Z/Gendey's new Optitrol™ Series delivers exceptional reliability for challenging conditions. 

Quality and safety are the two factors that set Optitrol control stations and pilot lights apart from competing brands. Optitrol's heavy-duty enclosure confines electrical arcing, preventing ignition of flammable atmospheres found in chemical plants, refineries and other classified industrial areas during operation of motors and other electrical equipment. The malleable iron enclosure and its cover are given a triple coat of zinc, chromate and epoxy powder for extreme corrosion resistance.

O-Z/Gedney uses its global design expertise to offer Optitrol in dozens of possible combinations of push buttons, pilot lights, and selector switches, in either one- or two-gang box configurations, as well as three-device and tandem boxes. All are available in both dead-end and feed-through 1/2", 3/4" and 1" hubs. Heavy-duty contacts are rated 10A, 600V AC.

Both the enclosure and the pilot lights are factory sealed. Electricians prefer this method because it eliminates the need to add sealing fittings and compound at each conduit entrance. A large backbox allows ample room for wiring.

Optitrol control stations are rated for Class I, Div 1; Class I, Div 2; Class II, Div 1 and 2; and Class III hazardous locations. It is also rated NEMA 3 for outdoor use, providing a degree of protection against snow, ice, sleet and rain.


  • explosion-proof and dust-ignition proof
  • enclosure confines electrical arcing
  • dozens of possible combinations
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