Motor Tester


New patented, handheld tester  is easy to use and gives immediate information about the complete condition of your stator, rotor and connections. It tests for Contamination, Internal Stator Windings Shorts, Ground Faults, Rotor Problems and Bad Connections including the cable and shows the results on the large screen.

Optional software can be downloaded with the results comparing prior tests with the present test for detecting even early  faults and for printing a detailed report. Tests are non-destructive and the operator is instructed by screen-text for step-by-step on how  to use.The instrument is designed for manufacturing and processing in-plant use, local and federal government agencies, marine applications, electrical contractors field-testing and service/repairbusinesses. It completely takes the guesswork out of evaluating the condition of electric motors. Sort incoming or perform quality control for repaired motors, trouble shoot or compare base line tests to latest test to find even early faults, not found by using meg-ohm-meters or other, today available testing instruments.


  • immediate motor  information
  • shows the results on the large screen
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