Motorized Micro Linear Actuators


Micro Linear Actuators MLA-173 provides precision travel from to 50 to 150 mm. Driven by a brushless servo or stepper motor with a precision ground ball screw, this motorized stage offers high-resolution up to  0.1 micron. Actuator has low profile, high-stability compact and monolithic design, as its main feature, and together with its high resolution makes this device ideal for its integration in high precision measurement and manufacturing systems.
MLA-173 translation stages have two limit sensors for end of travel and referencing. Motors have graduated knobs for manual operation and position observation. Designed for space-limited applications and compact multi-axis assemblies, MLA Series linear stages supply very high resolution, single-axis translation in a low-cost, motorized package. Typical applications for this stage are fiber optic alignment, laser diode research, bio-medical applications and inspection systems.
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