MotorQuick Disconnect Switches Reduce Motor Installation and Replacement Time By More Than 65%


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems introduces MotorQuick* Quick Disconnect Switches, an innovative product offering that enables faster installation and replacement of motors for greater productivity. By combining the plug-and-play technology of Hubbell’s LINKOSITY* power system with the versatility of Hubbell’s Circuit-Lock* motor disconnect switches, MotorQuick can reduce motor change-out time by more than 65 percent. LINKOSITY terminations speed the change-out process by eliminating the need to cut conduit, pull wire, mount fittings, and terminate individual wires. By pre-wiring a LINKOSITY inlet to the junction box of a spare motor, MotorQuick allows the majority of the change-out work to be done when convenient, not critical. With the new Hubbell system, a test bench can also be set up in the motor shop to ensure that the motor is wired properly prior to installation, enabling production to be up and running again in a fraction of the time it would take for conventional change-out methods. Hubbell’s LINKOSITY* wiring solution is a modular plug-and-play wiring system that is an alternative to traditional pipe-and-wire methods. The LINKOSITY system can be easily installed and reused for a wide range of applications including material handling equipment, industrial and commercial facilities, construction sites, and military, medical and emergency preparedness facilities.


• Dielectric Voltage: 2,200V AC minimum for 1 minute • Electrical Life: 6,000 cycles with load • Max. Working Voltage: 600V AC RMS • Short Circuit Withstand Rating as Motor Disconnect: 10,000 RMS symmetrical amps when tested with 60A max J fuses • Short Circuit Withstand: Rating as Motor Controller 10,000 RMS symmetrical amps when tested with 125A RK5 fuses
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