Motors Deliver up to 50% More Torque - Schneider Electric


Lexium MDrive NEMA size 23 are now available with premium high torque stepper motors as an alternative to standard motors. This new motor option delivers up to 50% more torque, boosting the performance of Lexium MDrive integrated products to an even higher performance level while maintaining compact size and format.

True closed loop performance of Lexium MDrive products, while eliminating possible motor stalling, also delivers continuous torque at low speeds; eliminates tuning; reduces heat and energy usage with variable current control. Wiring is reduced by up to 40%, and installation time cut 25% by replacing multiple individual components.

Lexium MDrive products are well-suited for both new and existing applications.


  • Holding Torque: 103.4 oz-in

  • Detent Torque: 3.89 oz-in

  • Rotor Inertia: 0.0025 oz-in-sec2

  • Radial Load Limit: 15 lb

  • Axial Load Limit: 20 lb

  • Weight: 26.4 oz

  • Communication Protocols:
    • EtherNet/IP
    • Profinet
    • ModbusTCP
    • CANopen
    • Serial RS-422/485 with programmable memory
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