Mounting Adhesive


Aremco's Crystalbond™ 509 is an ideal material for temporarily mounting substrates that require dicing, grinding or polishing operations. This adhesive exhibits exceptional bond strength and adheres readily to ceramics, glasses and metals.  Crystalbond™ 509 is applied by preheating a mounting plate to 250 ºF, melting and spreading the adhesive in a uniform layer, then positioning the part over the adhesive, allowing the entire assembly to cool. After processing, the Crystalbond™ is easily dissolved in acetone or Aremco’s 509-S, a proprietary, environmentally friendly cleaning agent that leaves no film or residue.

Additional applications for Crystalbond™ include machining advanced eramics, lapping and polishing optical components, preparing metallurgical specimens for electron microscopy, and dicing fiber optics and single crystalline materials. Crystalbond™ 509 is shipped from stock in standard packages of bars or rods.


  • exhibits exceptional bond strength
  • adheres readily to ceramics, glasses and metals
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