Move-series - The New Generation of Timing Belts


The move-series offers a new generation of timing belts that are lighter, stronger and more compact. Move timing belts are a durable solution offering unprecedented tooth strength, optimized tooth geometry and low friction tooth facing. They provide up to 75% greater tensile strength than ordinary timing belts of the same size and 30% higher transmittable force. When used with zero backlash pulleys, no other timing belts can compare to the strength and precision of a move-series timing belt.



  • Currently available in AT10 – M open-ended for linear drives and BFX truly endless for power transmission
  • Reduced wear and increased service life
  • 75% more tensile strength than standard AT10
  • 30% higher transmittable force
  • Permits reducing belt width by one standard size
  • 59% lighter than AT20
  • Optimized tooth geometry reduces areas of high stress
  • Reduced settling times over standard AT10
  • Special laminate coating reduces friction between the belt and pulley
  • More chain to belt conversions possible
  • Increases safety factor 
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