Moving Magnet Voice Coil Positioning Stages


Linear Positioning Stages featuring moving magnet voice coil technology from H2W Technologies offer high resolution (from 50 nanometers), zero cogging, high speed, high acceleration (to 5 g’s), high repeatability, and long life.  The compact linear positioning stages can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are ideal for short stroke positioning applications requiring high acceleration, high accuracy, repeatability, and high reliability.

Applications include: Medical laboratory (specimen oscillation), mirror tilt and focusing, laser beam steering, position control, pick-and-place equipment, robotics, testing, and medical diagnostic probes.

This compact (4.0 in. L x 3.5 in. W x 3.52 in. H), light weight anodized aluminum, moving magnet voice coil linear positioning stage features a stroke length of +/- 0.11 in. from the center of travel home position, and has a payload to 2 lbs. For greater reliability there are no moving cables or wires as the coil assembly and linear encoder head are stationary.   

These moving magnet voice coil linear positioning stages can be supplied with a variety of amplifiers and controllers to provide plug-and-play solutions for easy integration into new and existing applications. Other options include: Optical or magnetic linear encoder; ball bearing, cross roller, or air bearing slide; different stroke lengths; higher payloads.   Custom designs can be quickly supplied. 


  • high resolution (from 50 nanometers)
  • high speed, high acceleration
  • stroke length of +/- 0.11 in.
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