MP2300Siec/MP2310iec Machine Controllers


MotionWorks IEC Pro is a new Integrated Development environment based on the IEC61131-3 international programming standard. MotionWorks IEC Pro is built upon the same code as our proven MotionWorks IEC Express software including all additions made to the MotionWorks IEC Express software since the May 2008 release. The Pro version allows users to program in Sequential Function Chart language, configure projects with up to 16 tasks, and support all of the MP2000iec controller models. The MP2310iec machine controller offers three new models that allow up to three local modules of digital or analog I/O to be controlled. The MP2310iec controller includes the following:
•    Communication Protocols - open standards EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP for connectivity to nearly every HMI and PLC on the market.

•    Standard Programming Languages - IEC61131-3 means that programs are developed and executed with predictable behavior.

•    Programmable Amplifier Outputs - the controller can operate local Sigma-5 outputs. This reduces panel cost and space requirements when just a couple of outputs are necessary.

•    Controller-Centric Commissioning - the MECHATROLINK motion network provides a channel for configuring the machine from a single location with one software tool even when complex motion such as camming or gearing functions are required.

•    A Multitude of Options - choose from eight option cards offered for the three expansion slots to accommodate most machine requirements.

•    Expandable I/O - numerous third-party remote I/O modules such as Phoenix, Wago, and Opto 22 can be interfaced with the system via the MECHATROLINK, EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCP networks.

•    Built-in Web Server - offers standard controller diagnostic information eliminating the need for special software for maintenance personnel.

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