MP3300iec Machine Controller/MotionWorks IEC Software


The MP3300iec machine controller makes automated equipment more responsive by boosting both processing speed and memory capacity, lifting both parameters to the highest levels in the motion control industry.   The processing speed of the MP3300iec is increased to nearly double the rate of the previous generation of processors, an improvement that is used to full advantage when paired with the added features built into Yaskawa’s MotionWorks IEC programming software. The result of is an improvement of 50% to 100% in network speeds.


  • Singular Control: Supports control for servos, variable frequency drives, and robots within a single programming environment.
  • Compatibility with Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP networks
  • Network speed improvement:  50 to 100%
  • Supports PLCopen Part 4
  • Built-in cam editor
  • HMI Tagging Tool
  • Enhanced Logic Analyzer
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