MPLS Slim & Simple Linear Position Detector Series


The MPLS series is a high-performance scale capable of detecting a linear axis’s position, with a resolution of 0.05 μm and a pitch accuracy of 10 μm. They use a newly developed detection pattern to receive scale-generated signals without interference, eliminating the need for scale wiring. In addition, the latest MPLS series, which has, inside its head, an A/D converter’s function to convert a scale-generated electric signal into a digital one, needs to use only its scale and head to transmit/receive signals to/from a machine’s control unit.


These technological developments have eliminated the need for scale wiring and A/D converters, while the reduced number of required components and the shortened manufacturing process have achieved a low price and a short delivery lead time for the product.


With respect to the installation compatibility with other companies’ products, the MPLS series uses a product length and mounting hole intervals that are the same as those of other companies' products. Furthermore, with a longer measurement length, the MPLS series can widen its measurement range or reduce its installation space.


The newly developed free user-assisting software can switch to output specifications that meet the type of a control unit, and fine-tune the matching between a machine and the location detector, to contribute to location detection under optimum conditions.


  • Can be installed in the optimum position of the machine
  • Space-saving with built-in preamplifier
  • High accuracy 10 μm/m
  • Resistant to dust, oil, and condensation, no air purge required
  • Has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the machine, and is resistant to thermal displacement
  • Non-contact, high accuracy forever
  • Absolute expression detection No need to return to origin after power ON
  • Serial connection Mitsubishi CNC, FANUC, SSI (SEIMENS), Biss-C (general NC)
  • A phase, B phase, Z phase
ModelScale LengthStrokePitch AccuracyMin. Resolution


 225 170 4 μm 0.05 μm
 MPLS-0270A 325 270 4.8 μm
 MPLS-0370A 425 370 5.6 μm
 MPLS-0470A 525 470 6.5 μm
 MPLS-0570A 625 570 7.2 µm
 MPLS-0670A 725 670 8 μm
 MPLS-0770A 825 770 8.8 μm
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