Multi-Gas Monitoring Solutions


Working seamlessly together to help keep workers safe and confident while in hazardous areas, Honeywell BW multi-gas monitoring solutions range from fixed-life single-gas detectors and compact multi-gas detectors to transportable area gas monitoring solutions.


For personal gas monitoring, Honeywell’s BW Icon/Flex Platform introduces multi-gas detection solutions. The platform incorporates a slim profile, Bluetooth-enabled configuration, and Infrared lower explosive limit sensor for two-month battery runtime and fast response.


Options include:

Honeywell BW Icon: a fixed-life, 2-year, 4-gas detector for the hazards that workers face most often. It is the industry’s smallest, lightweight, personal multi-gas monitoring wearable.
Honeywell BW Icon+: serviceable 4-gas detector with a choice of 6 sensors
Honeywell BW Flex: serviceable five-gas detector with an LCD display and choice of more than 15 sensors


Each option is lightweight with one-button operation and includes a “first of its kind” icon-based display that uses simple icons to indicate gas alarms and device status. This simple display means workers don’t have to interpret live gas readings or attend time-consuming training. Instead, when there’s a gas alarm, the bell icon illuminates, so workers can quickly decide to clear the area. The platform is compatible with IntelliDoX, the same unified docking system and software, to help enable workers to get more done in less time. With simplicity and reporting capable from a smartphone, workers can maintain safety and compliance by using the Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator app. Workers use Bluetooth and pair their smartphone with the detector to create an organized report that’s ready to go, they just have to hit send.


For area gas monitoring, Honeywell’s BW RigRat is a fully self-contained, transportable solution that is engineered for ease, with one-button operation. It offers grab-and-go portability, up to 8-weeks of runtime on a single charge, and more than 15 interchangeable toxic gas smart sensors. Simply turn it on and it’s ready to deploy. It is the first gas detector available to offer a built-in noise sensor, analog input, location, and up to 6 gas detectors that can specific to each unique operation.


It monitors the work area for toxic gases, oxygen levels, and combustible gases at lower explosive limits and has a photoionization detector for volatile organic compounds and infrared sensors that detect highly flammable gases.


To create a safe perimeter, workers simply position a few of the detectors, forming a wireless chain to monitor the work area for dangerous gas, and as soon as they illuminate green, the perimeter is safe for work. With alarms that are easy to see and hear, an easy-to-read display, intelligent alarm for inert mode, and an option for simple setup using a smartphone, workers can continue to work with confidence throughout a project.

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