Multi-Head Floor Scabbler


CS Unitec’s Trelawny™ MHS5 Concrete Floor Scabbler is the ideal demolition tool for quick concrete removal. Five piston heads supply 6,500 total blows per minute and provide a cutting width of 11”. This heavy-duty, pneumatic, walk-behind scabbler consumes 80 CFM of air at 90 PSI. The MHS5 includes an integrated dust shroud and vacuum port to reduce hazardous dust and maintain worksite cleanliness when connected to a dust collection vacuum. CS Unitec offers two models for leveling high spots, breaking down hard coatings prior to blast cleaning and texturing for sealant and overlay preparation.

MHS5 Model 159.5050 is equipped with 5-point bush hammer heads for keying concrete and removing laitance without damaging the substrate below. Model 159.5075 employs 9-point bush hammer heads for creating excellent bond profiles for epoxies, urethanes and thin overlays. Both models feature large wheels for rough terrain and built-in dead man’s handle for operator safety.


  • five piston heads supply 6,500 total blows per minute 
  • cutting width of 11”
  • consumes 80 CFM of air at 90 PSI

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