Multi-Screw Machine Outperforms



Absolute Machine Tools will demonstrate two LICO machines at IMTS 2018 – a CNC screw machine and a mill/turn center – in booth S-338536. The LICO LNTS line of multi-slide screw machines can outperform even cam automatics.


The model at the show, LNT-42S-S4, has a 42 mm spindle with four heavy-duty dovetail and gib-design cross slides that can overlap up to 5 tools in the cut at one time. This screw machine is ruggedly built and capable of using either form tools or standard carbide insert tools with each slide having a full 2-axis servo-controlled travel. For medium to complex parts, it can match or beat the speed of cam-driven machines and offers the versatility, finish, and tolerances of CNC lathes.


A turret-mounted pickoff spindle is standard and the base machine model comes equipped with gang slide backworking, dual high-pressure oil pumps, chip and part conveyors, and tool holders for all positions. A modular eight-position backworking turret is optional. The main turret uses VDI-30 live tooling and comes with four live tool holders. The LNTS platform is available in 4 bar capacity sizes; 36 mm, 42 mm, 51 mm, 65 mm all with a maximum turning length of 170 mm. All LNTS models can be ordered with an optional Y-axis gang tooled cross slide for both static and live tools. 


The second LICO in the booth is an LNDD-series machine. The LND-65D-S3 is an 11-Axis Mill/Turn Center that can often produce parts faster than conventional twin spindle, multi-turret machines with up to 5 tools in the cut simultaneously. This machine has a bar capacity of 65 mm (2.56 in.), maximum turning length of 475 mm (18.7 in.), and employs independent 2-axis cross slides that can overlap each other and the turret. The turret works on either the main or the counter spindle, and can perform on-center work on both spindles simultaneously.  An 8-position turret with optional live tooling and Y-axis is standard. The LNDD platform comes standard with an independent counter spindle, dual high-pressure oil pumps, chip & part conveyors and tool holders for all positions. The LNDD series is available in the following bar sizes: 42 mm, 51 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm. The LNDD is built with a highly engineered frame and slides for dampening vibration and reducing the variables that can arise in size and finish from such vibration. The result is a very stable process at cycle times that are often 2 to 3 times faster than twin spindle, single turret machines.


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