Multi-Tumbler RMT 70


Whether the task is deburring, surface preparation, blast cleaning or shot peening of parts that can tumble over each other, the Multi-Tumbler RMT 70 prevents damage to the workpieces to allow safe batch integrity and optimal processing of extremely small and geometrically complex parts.


Key to the excellent performance characteristics of the RMT blast machines is the geometry of the rotary drum. The inside wall of the drum is equipped with specially shaped mixing cams, while the bottom of the drum contains a three-sided pyramid. This unique geometry creates the innovative “multi-tumbler” effect. During rotation, the cams cause a general mixing of the workpieces. At the same time, the pyramid in the drum bottom facilitates the mixing of the upper and lower workpiece layers. With this “multi-tumbler” effect all workpiece surface areas are equally and reliably exposed to the stream of blast media.


Depending on the shape and size of the workpieces and the blast media, the drum can be equipped with specially perforated screens. This prevents lodging of the workpieces in the drum and, thus, guarantees absolute batch integrity. Even the smallest parts can be safely processed in the RMT.


The dimensions of the workpieces that can be processed in RMT machines extend from a fraction of 1 to 24 in. (measured diagonally). The maximum weight amounts to about 100 kg (220 lb.). With batch sizes from 80 liters (2.8 cuft) to 1,200 liters (43 cuft) the comprehensive machine program can handle a wide range of different shot blasting tasks. Homogeneous surface finishes and short cycle times are typical for any multitumbler application.


This multi-tumbling action ensures that the blast stream reaches all surface areas, producing even and consistent blast results. Brightly cleaned parts surface, free of sand, rust or scale, are achieved in short cycle times with an MT system with a highly consistent finish.

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