Multi-Turn Rotary Sensor Tracks


Novotechnik U.S. has introduced a new series of non-contact sensors that combine an angular position sensor with resolution of 0.1° and a rotation counter. The RSM 2800 Series supplies absolute position values and rotational counts up to 16 turns without mechanical gearing, batteries or optics. It works using magneto-resistive technology. Designed for industrial, materials handling, robotic, overhead doors and automotive drive-by-wire applications, RSM 2800 tracks and permanently stores shaft rotation as well as position when power is lost. Upon restoration of power, it detects the new position, calculates the difference to automatically provide accurate position and count. Position and count information can be retained without power for years.

Key specifications include: diameter of 30 mm, shaft diameter of 6 mm, independent linearity up to ±0.25%, electrical range up to 5400°, 16-bit resolution (0.08°), and repeatability of ±1 LSB.

Designed for routine use in tough environments, the RSM Series provides dust/liquid ingress protection class of IP54 or IP67, is imoervious to humidity and condensation. Specifies an operating temperature range from – 40 to +85° C, shock to 50 g and vibration to 20 g.


  • resolution of 0.1°
  • tracks and permanently stores shaft rotation
  • independent linearity up to ±0.25%
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