Multi-Volt Actuated Polypro Ball Valve


Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. has developed a new electrically actuated polypro ball valve that will automatically accept virtually any input power signal.

Designed for pure water and chemical applications, the polypro valves are molded with non-pigmented, plasticizer-free homopolymer resin and are assembled “dry” to eliminate contamination.  Available in 3/8” – 2” sizes, these valves meet FDA and NSF requirements.

The new Series EBVA electrical actuator is available assembled to the valve and is also sold separately for future field installation.  Standard voltage is 85 through 240 AC or DC; an optional version is offered for 12 to 24 volt AC or DC operation.  The actuator automatically adjusts to the voltage provided within its range, providing 177 in/lbs of torque with an 11 second cycle time.  Manual override and status lights are standard;  fail-safe and modulating control actuators are also available.

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