A five-stage, all stainless steel washer/dryer system with uncommon features for exceptional cleaning, speed and ease of operation is among standard-line units from ALMCO KleenTec for a wide range of  industrial applications. The Model PWRBD24-96E-U system, initially custom-developed for an individual customer of the company, includes wash, rinse, second rinse, blow-off and drying functions in a space-saving U-bend design.  Its variable-speed, 24”-wide continuous belt feeds parts through all functional chambers and delivers them to the end of the system, where they can be removed by hand or fall into a container or onto a belt for further processing.
    Contaminants of oil or grease are removed by powerful compound/water spray rinses.  Multiple nozzles of the 96-inch wash section are adjustable for direction onto the parts and into places where special attention is required.
    Known for its custom-design capabilities, ALMCO KleenTec offers the highest quality and durability in all components of its five-stage cleaning system.  Included are two stainless

steel bag filtration units, large-capacity insulated tanks for wash and rinse functions, a 15-hp regenerative blower, forced air electric dryer, remote conveyor controls, removable chip basket, automatic solution make-up systems and other features.
Other parts washer/dryer designs from ALMCO KleenTec include in-line conveyors and rotary, cabinet and drum units, in standard or custom models.  The manufacturer offers more than five decades of experience and exceptional engineering skills to recommend and develop cleaning systems that are perfectly suited to individual needs.

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