MVR-Ax Series Double-Column Machining Centers


The MVR-Ax series of double-column machining centers were developed as easy-to-use machines to meet the diverse needs of manufacturing sites that machine large-size components. The MVR-Ax series can use a great number of options—ranging from a table size that can accommodate large-size workpieces to an abundance of attachments to the main axis to automated functions such as a palette changer—for a variety of users’ applications. In addition, the high-performance grinding technology and the digital technology to improve operability and maintenance capability enhance the MVR-Ax machining centers’ overall productivity.


The machining centers are equipped with a main axis that rotates at a standard speed of 6,000 times per minute to machine large-size workpieces such as industrial, construction, semiconductor manufacturing, and power-generating equipment and with a gear drive main axis (opt.) (4,000 rpm, with a maximum torque of 3,430N▪m) for deeper cutting operations. Combined with resilient structures of their main unit, which remain completely undamaged from this high torque, the products have sturdy ram main axes that enhance the cutting capability during ram protrusion while enhancing the performance of the machining of tall components’ lateral sides.


Additionally, a large number of attachments enable the machining centers of the MVR-Ax series to machine objects of various shapes, including narrow sections, multifaceted surfaces, slant planes, and adjustable surfaces. Furthermore, the individual axes’ fast-forwarding speeds are top-class in the industry.


  • MVR25Ax
  • MVR30Ax
  • MVR35Ax
  • MVR40Ax
  • MVR45Ax
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