Mylar® Polyester PET FILMS


Mylar® Polyester PET FILMS are tough, general purpose films that are transparent in 48 through 92 gauge and translucent in heavier gauges. Mylar® Polyester Films have a rough surface to provide ease of handling, good adhesion, and process ability. Polyesters are used for a broad range of industrial applications. Mylar® (PET)is oriented polyester film available in a variety of finishes and gauges.


Mylar® Polyester PET is ideally suited for a wide range of uses such as packaging, printing, die-cutting, electronics, protective overlay, barrier protection, apparel and other industrial applications. Because of Mylar® Polyester inherent physical properties, it's your best choice for a high performance plastic film/sheet. Features: Archival Quality, Dimensional Stability, Lay Flat, Chemical Resistant, Consistent Color, Good Clarity, Non-Yellowing, Non-Tearing, Heat Resistant to 200 degrees C, Electrical Resistance. Mylar® Polyester PET films have balanced tensile properties and excellent resistance to moisture and most chemicals. PET can withstand temperature extremes from -100°F to 300ºF. Mylar® Polyester does not become brittle with age under normal conditions, because it contains no plasticizers. Many types of Mylar® Film are available. 


Mylar® is in stock on standard product. No minimum. We can also add specialty adhesives to Mylar® per your job requirements. Sold in slit rolls, lineal feet, die-cut parts.

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