N-Fog Plus Anti-Fog Eyewear


“Fogging caused by sweating and humidity make safety glasses unwearable!” If you’ve ever heard this complaint from employees who need protective eyewear on the job, there is a better solution. Brass Knuckle, a provider of high-quality safety solutions, is pleased to offer two models of safety eyewear that go above and beyond typical anti-fog eyewear properties.


The facts: EN166/168 is the only anti-fog standard for protective eyewear; there is no ANSI standard for anti-fog protection. So when you have experienced poor quality anti-fog protection on safety glasses, it is likely they were manufactured with zero adherence to a standard of any kind.


Meet Snap (BKFIX-3100NP) and Mega (BKDST-1030NP). Regardless of whether you have water spray, wastewater, high humidity, or dramatic changes in temperature — these glasses don’t steam up. Snap and Mega are both manufactured to crush the most stringent anti-fog standard—EN166/168. Both products feature Brass Knuckle’s proprietary BK-Anti-Fog+ lens coating, which delivers anti-fog protection more than 40 times greater than what is required, exceeding the world’s toughest standard by 300 percent.



  • exceed Anti-Fog Standard EN166/168
  • proprietary BK-Anti-Fog+ lens coating affords over 40 times more anti-fog protection 
  • clear or smoke lens
  • resist impact, abrasion, UV

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