NA35 Series Collects Metal Dust Safely


As a worldwide provider to the metal additive manufacturing industry, Ruwac USA continues its mission in being the leader of safe, healthy industrial vacuum solutions through its line of immersion separation vacuums. The NA35 Series is the only immersion separator available on the market featuring a complete self-contained vacuum system. Additive manufacturing environments using explosive or impact sensitive materials that may contain an ignition source (such as aluminum, titanium or zirconium) and other volatile dusts will not only benefit from eliminating the risk of an explosion, but keeping workspaces clean in the process.


Relying on decades of proven performance technology, the NA35 Series collects explosive or glowing media particles entering the vacuum and immediately mixes them in a turbulent liquid bath. From there, moving air and liquid are rapidly forced onto the materials, submerging and neutralizing them in the process in the vacuum’s hydrophobic and oleophobic water filter system. This process stops already contained materials from finding any ignition source that may be introduced into the vacuum, guaranteeing a safe, explosion-proof work environment.


Newly designed as part of the NA35 Series is the NA35 HD-110, this immersion separation vacuum features an easy-to-use stainless steel liquid discharge valve located beneath the main housing that acts as the primary source in releasing filtered contents, eliminating any heavy lifting required for emptying out of the equation. Counterbalanced heavy duty casters and its two-stack design provide a maximum portability while the system’s external sight glass remains in place as the go-to detector of liquid levels. For the collection of smaller amounts of metal additive manufacturing dust, the CV-NA7 immersion separation vacuum is also available.



  • ETL certified to UL and CSA standards
  • Motor and switch rated for Class I Div 1, 2 Group D and Class II Div 1, 2 Groups F & G environments (Group E available)
  • Designed to safely collect conductive metals, explosive or impact sensitive materials or glowing media
  • Available in continuous duty TEFC motor or air-powered single venturi
  • Sound suppression for quiet operation
  • Durable carbon impregnated compression cast composite housing will never dent or rust — Guaranteed for life!
  • Hydrophobic filters provide superior sub-micron filtration
  • Ergonomically-friendly stainless steel ball valve with sanitary discharge fitting easily relieves sludge and debris build up from inside the vacuum into filter bag assembly for safe disposal
  • located beneath main housing releases filtered contents and eliminates any heavy lifting required for emptying
  • Counterbalanced heavy duty casters and two-stack design provide maximum portability
  • Low maintenance design with easy access to filters, dispersion screen and de-misting pad
  • Optional HEPA Maxx or ULPA filter upgrades for absolute filtration
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