Nanopositioning Actuators Combine High Speed, Resolution & Force


Nanopositioning Actuators Combine High Speed, Resolution & Force

Auburn, MA. Nanopositioning Specialist PI, provides the M-2x series of high-precision motorized linear actuators for applications requiring very high resolution, high force and high speed.

Unique Combination of Speed, Resolution and Force
The units provide design resolutions to 4 nanometers, pushing forces to 120 N (26 lbs) and speeds to 50 mm (2 inches) per second. A piezo-tip featuring 1 nm minimum incremental motion is available as an option.

Designed for OEM and Research Applications
The M-2x series actuators are self-contained packages consisting of a DC or stepping motor connected to a ball screw or lead screw. Unlike many other motorized actuators, the M-23x series features a non-rotating tip which ensures maximum stability and motion linearity.

Integrated non-contacting limit switches and homing sensors increase the versatility and help to protect sensitive equipment in applications where extended motion could cause damage.

Versatility: DC and Stepper Motors, Folded Drive-Train
Both stepper and closed-loop DC servo motors are offered. The DC motor versions come with a closed-loop high-resolution encoder, which allows minimum incremental motion of 50 nm.

For applications where space is at a minimum, an ultra-compact version featuring a folded drive-train (parallel drive shaft / motor configuration) is available.

Typical Applications: Instrumentation Small Machinery, Micro-Machining, Semiconductor Test Equipment, Biotechnology, High-Precision Micropositioning and Nanopositioning,

Features & Advantages 
  • New space-saving, ultra-low friction designs
  • Speed to 50 mm/sec, travel to 50 mm (2”), resolution to 1 nm (.04 µ inch)
  • Closed-loop servo motors / high resolution encoders or stepper motors
  • Non-rotating drive shafts for improved linearity and repeatability
  • Ball-screws for high-speed actuation and extended lifetime
  • Limit switches and home switches for added safety & versatility
  • Variety of low-cost, stand-alone or PC-card controllers/drivers available
  • Compatible with National Instruments motion controllers
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